Maybe I’m not a zombie kind of guy

By | July 23, 2014

What’s interesting about following a tutorial on something that I haven’t had any prior exposure to is that I’m being reminded of which teaching styles I prefer and which are downright detrimental to my progress.

The structure of Rails for Zombies is clearly not one suited for me.

Remember that I had some issues with something in the Level 3 module?

I go through the video, try my best to grasp what they are trying to teach me, but when I came to the Challenges after Level 3 there were just things I was unable to answer without looking through the provided hints.

Now that I’m going through Level 4 I know why I struggled in Level 3.

Level 4 goes through some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that in Level 3 just happened automagically.

And apparently I really struggle with learning something if I don’t know how it works.

It’s obviously not enough for me that it works.

To me it’s kinda backwards to try and teach me how Views work, and perhaps helper methods in particular, without first having gone through the Controllers – because the Controllers contains the definitions of the methods that can be utilized by the Views.

It gives me this very unsatisfying feeling of inadequacy.

“why can’t I grasp this?”

“how does this fit with the previous chapter?”

“Where’s the link between these two?”

I would much rather have preferred to learn about Controllers first, or at least have been told during lessons that some of the implied functionality of the language or framework would be explained in the next chapter.

Maybe I’m just more of a “Hello World!” kind of learner – let’s start with the basic stuff and expand into other parts of the language or framework from there.

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