WP Plugin to insert links to anchors on other internal pages or posts

By | December 31, 2013

WP anchor link

So, there I was, looking for a WP Plugin that would do just 1 thing.

Easy right – Since I wasn’t looking for anything fancy or complicated.?

I just needed to do something that any half decent HTML editor would allow me to do straight out of the box.

I was simply looking for something in the default WP editor that could do this:

Create a link to an anchor on another Page or Post.

The default behavior of the Link button in the editor allows me to type in a url or search/scroll for an existing Page or Post.

But there’s no support for selecting existing anchors!!!

So I need to know the exact spelling of the anchor – either by visiting the page and viewing the HTML code or by keeping a separate document with my anchors – and then I have to type it in manually.

Seems rather odd to have a modern CMS where internal linking only supports links to entire Posts or Pages.

So first Plugin I tried was the Ultimate TinyMCE editor addition because it had a button for setting the anchor in the target place as well as an Advanced Link Button.

The Advanced Link Button does unfortunately not allow me to select the target url by searching/scrolling and the Anchor field only looks like ir’s available when an anchor is found on the current page.

So far my search for a solution has been fruitless.

Googling for a solution has so far only gotten me a truckload of articles describing how you can link to an anchor by switching to HTML mode in the editor and doing everything manually.

And hand-crafting HTML near the end of 2013 simply does not strike me as a good use of my time or talent.

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