The nomenclature of programming languages

I’m going through the Rail for Zombies tutorial, and I’ve come across another thing that I’m struggling with. In a Controller I have this code respond_to do |format| format.xml { render xml: @zombie} end Why isn’t it or respond_to :do or respond_to do: ? Why isn’t it format xml or format(xml) or format :xml […]

Maybe I’m not a zombie kind of guy

What’s interesting about following a tutorial on something that I haven’t had any prior exposure to is that I’m being reminded of which teaching styles I prefer and which are downright detrimental to my progress. The structure of Rails for Zombies is clearly not one suited for me. Remember that I had some issues with […]

Zombie Views

So, I’m a Level 3 zombie. But I’m not sure I quite understood the link between the link_to helper method and the /apps/views/ naming standard. Must there always exist a index.html.erb or can it be called something different – and how do I reference that specifically? Is show.html.erb the same? – how am I to […]

Enter the Zombies

So, I’ve decided to learn Ruby on Rails – or just Rails. I have no experience with Ruby, so it’s actually both Ruby and Rails I’m diving heads first into. I’ve been toying with an idea for some time now, and finally I’m beginning to see how these ideas could be put together on a […]

WP Plugin to insert links to anchors on other internal pages or posts

So, there I was, looking for a WP Plugin that would do just 1 thing. Easy right – Since I wasn’t looking for anything fancy or complicated.? I just needed to do something that any half decent HTML editor would allow me to do straight out of the box. I was simply looking for something […]